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Many e cig companies are owned by a parent company, which might or might not be a tobacco giant. VaporFi, South Beach Smoke, Nutricig, and Eversmoke are all owned by IVG, which stands for International Vapor Group. This is not a tobacco company but a business started by an entrepreneur, which focuses entirely on electronic cigarettes.

The Roots of International Vapor Group

Nick Molina, CEO, was not always the head of a vaping company. He got his start as a cellular/wireless entrepreneur whose interests led him through other industries before arriving at e cigs.

Whatever he touched was successful and International Vapor Group is no different. He is an award-winning business person working with other go-getters like David Epstein, Chief Business Development Officer, who also brings with him a wealth of knowledge in various fields.

Varied business experience does no harm to the business of selling e cigs. If anything, this has given Molina and his team a well-rounded background and insight into subjects like marketing, industry regulations, and finances.

Many companies begin with knowledge of e cigs and a passion for vaping, but lack of business acumen. They want everyone to know what e cigs did for them. International Vapor Group will not be accused of that.

They might not have a personal story to share about e cigs saving their lives but International Vaping Group still created some of the most highly-rated and popular products around.

Four International Vapor Group Companies

International Vapor Group is responsible for the creation of four companies. They started with South Beach Smoke, one of the earliest brands of e cigs to be launched in the United States. South Beach Smoke is best known for their mini cigs or beginner e cigs: small low-power devices that look like real cigarettes.

Brand #2, Eversmoke, is similar. Both brands appeal to new vapers with their starter kits and affordable prices. South Beach Smoke has also added a bigger vaporizer to their lineup, but they leave the heavy hitting e cigs to one of their sibling brands.

Third to come along was Nutricig, a unique product that combines e liquid with natural supplements which do one of three things: suppress the appetite, encourage a good night’s sleep, or energize the consumer. These are disposable e cigs.

South Beach Smoke also carries disposables, but these are different; unusual. The premise behind them goes beyond the health-giving properties of switching from cigarettes to e cigs, expanding the potential for electronic cigarettes to do good and not just prevent harm.

VaporFi is the fourth and biggest company by International Vapor Group, now carrying five types of e cig and an herbal vaporizer. VaporFi is perhaps best known for their selection of e liquids sold by the bottle, but they stand out from the other three for another reason.

VaporFi introduces customers to the easiest e cig, and stays with them while they move up to eGos and, finally, to an advanced electronic cigarette.

A Passion for E Cigs

VaporFi claims to be passionate about promoting smoke-free alternatives for their customers. Their history suggests that e cigs are not their primary passion, though they are certainly passionate about them. Business for its own sake — the challenge of building a high quality company from scratch — is another driving force of International Vapor Group.

There is no shame in that. Nick Molina has nurtured several businesses into flourishing companies he later sold for a slick profit. He is clearly the right man in the right place at the right time.

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