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What will vaping look like in 2017? There is some curiosity — even fear — around this subject. Business people are fearful of what the FDA and government can do to the industry while the government roots out inferior quality products and firms. Customers are curious about how their selection will change after FDA regulations come into effect.

They are also inquisitive about product selections; the comings and goings. Some businesses will fold: they will not withstand pressure from new companies producing better products or with more eye-catching advertising.

What is Vaping?

But before we get too far into the subject of e cig business and the FDA, what is this term that is probably absent from your dictionary? Expect it to be added soon because electronic cigarettes are here to stay. Vaping refers to the vapor created by electronic cigarettes. Smoking refers to the smoke created by analogs.

Vaping is the alternative to smoking: inhaling vapor created by heating liquid instead of inhaling smoke created by tobacco leaves. They look similar. Both types of activities involve nicotine (potentially). That is where similarities end however.

Basic e cigarettes are made up of a battery and, usually, an atomized cartridge. Some brands still use the three-part system where the cartridge is not atomized. Advanced models come apart into more pieces or tanks can be taken apart and rebuilt.


What is a vaper vaping?

His vapor usually contains nicotine sourced from tobacco plants. This might be American or foreign tobacco. Nicotine percentages in electronic cigarettes roughly correspond to those in cigarettes, with helpful instructions and information on websites for selecting a level. Many consumers find that the percentage is not a uniform thing; that when two companies list a value of 2.4%, their throat hit could be vastly different.

Nicotine Liquids

Nicotine is suspended in a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, or sometimes just one of those. Consumers generally consider vegetable glycerin to be the natural alternative and are suspicious of propylene glycol, but vegetable glycerin is so thick as to be incompatible with cheap clearomizers or cartomizers unless it has been diluted with water or propylene glycol.

Savvy customers search for ingredients sourced in the United States, USP, food-grade, and kosher. With all of these qualitative statements, you are certain of receiving the highest possible quality. Natural flavorings are also best, but rare. The average e liquid is made using natural and artificial flavors. Nicotine is optional.

Where Was It Made?

Your e liquid was made in a Chinese lab if you are vaping a brand-name cigalike (a device that looks like a cigarette). Most handmade American juices were produced in a clean room, but not an FDA-regulated lab. This is one way FDA regulations will protect customers; ensuring the products they use contain no unnecessary contaminants.

What Brands Are There?

For beginners who want to start with cigalikes that weigh about what analogs weigh and take on roughly the same dimensions, there are a lot of brands worth mentioning. Big is not always better, but giants like V2 Cigs, Halo Cigs, and Green Smoke are excellent companies. White Cloud, Volt, and Apollo are good brands. Volcano E Cigs, Clearette, and Cigavette are just three more. They all make the easiest types of vapor pens one can buy.

Halo, VaporFi, Volcano, and Apollo also manufacture the next level of e cig: the eGo pen. These are longer, slightly heavier, contain greater battery power (about 650 mAh instead of about 180 mAh to 280 mAh), and are fitted with higher-capacity tanks or clearomizers. At VaporFi, they follow customers all the way to mod-level, advanced personal vaporizers.

Some of the brands you usually come across on all-purpose e cig websites are JoyeTech, Innokin, Kanger, Aspire, SmokTech, and Vision. They make batteries and/or clearomizers, APVs, even mods. These Asian firms sell goods wholesale, so customers do not usually deal with them directly.

Madz Modz, Vicious Ant, RJ Mods, and several other firms produce serialized, limited edition mechanical devices. These are tubes only: no batteries. They rely on mechanical features to create higher or lower temperatures rather than circuitry. Price-wise, limited edition mods are also very expensive: $200-plus in many instances for just the tube.

Clones cost a fraction of the price. Look for EHPro and HCigar, two reputable manufacturers of mechanical mod clones.

E Liquid for Vapers

The most popular e liquids on the market today could be those that are connected directly with cigalike brands. They aren’t necessarily what the customer would choose, but attaching pre-filled cartridges with proprietary liquid is easy and acceptable.

Among the best e liquids, there are too many to name; many excellent products, gourmet e liquids, and handmade award winners. Cosmic Fog, Villain Vapors, and The Standard are three such styles. Vaping Birdy, Five Pawns, and Halo Purity are three more. We could go on for a long time, but the point is everyone is in on the act. Many retailers carrying multiple brands of hardware also make their own juice and it can be excellent, even if the price is reasonable or downright low. Mount Baker Vapors supplies one example of cheap but good juice. Vista Vapors is another.

Lots of these companies sell their juice through a distributor online or in person, but not from a proprietary website. They don’t make large enough volumes to take that route or prefer to leave certain business elements to someone else. You can purchase e liquid from as little as 33 cents per ml or as much as $1 per ml, but you should be paying more than about $12 per 15 ml. If you are, then expect to be handed an excellent reason.

The Future of Vaping

Medical professionals, business people, and consumers all agree that vaping is here to stay. Don’t expect there to be any shortage of products in late 2014 or early 2015 regardless of what the FDA report says. Even if they have a negative effect on some companies, the ones that rise to the top will be stronger and anyone new will be sure to adopt the best practices to create excellent quality juices.

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