A Look At Nicotine Delivery Systems Available

Smoking a cigarette, pipe, or a cigar and using snuff are the usual methods of delivering nicotine to one’s system. Nicotine is the addictive ingredient in all of these products, a substance found naturally in tobacco. To inhale nicotine, however, one does not need to inhale smoke. Smoke is the primary problem, the lethal component in cigarettes.

Choose a Different Nicotine Delivery System

One other method of nicotine delivery is to vaporize it, but using either tobacco leaves or liquid containing nicotine. Devices known as vaporizers (electronic cigarettes or herbal vaporizers) produce vapor instead of smoke so that consumers can still get their nicotine fix.

Herbal Vaporizers

When you want to vaporize tobacco leaves, purchase an herbal vaporizer. There are three categories which themselves break down into sub-headings. Choose a desktop device that plugs into the wall, a portable vaporizer, or a pen-style vape. The last two are both discrete and small but pen vapes look much like real ballpoint pens. Portable units sometimes resemble cell phones, iPods, and inhalers.

Desktop Delivery

A desktop product offers users the choice of inhaling directly through a straw or inhaling vapor from a balloon. The straw can be mobile or grounded for hands-free vaping. Box mods are simply box-shaped, inexpensive, uncomplicated products. A few are designed to accommodate multiple consumers at the same time drawing from two or more hoses. Most are for one user at a time to enjoy independently or to pass around.

With a dial-controlled mod, the consumer turns a knob to set a temperature. Using a digital interface, consumers set their temperature and possibly fan speed more precisely.

Delivery in Disguise

For a few years, vaporizer manufacturers have been cleverly designing devices that provide vapor but look nothing like nicotine delivery systems. They mimic the aesthetics of handheld communication devices, cosmetic containers, inhalers, and other items which one would find in a purse or pocket without inspiring curiosity. Certain products are encased in plastic so they feel light and indestructible, but there is a greater chance of plastic being heated and consumers inhaling fumes which are both toxic and unpleasant.

High-end products for the portable market utilize ceramics, stainless steel, and glass. If plastic is involved in their manufacture, careful attention is paid to enclosing the vapor path away from the plastic shell.

Dainty Delivery

Pen vapes are not new, but this is where the most rapid change and growth is taking place. For every good product, another ten are being manufactured that look the same but utilize cheaper parts, however, so you must be careful. The category for pen vapes also includes elliptical pens, but they are built the same way with a two-part system (cartridge or tank and battery) and the tiny profile of an eGo electronic cigarette.

Many consumers encounter the problem that since they heat so quickly, tobacco goes from cold to burnt in a matter of seconds. Perfecting the hold-and-release method is essential to their enjoyment of herbal nicotine. A pen is just that little bit too small to be efficient (refills are frequent, and convection heating is almost impossible.) Small chambers with narrow openings make refilling a messy hassle.

Vape pens are cheap, though; more affordable than most vaporizers in most cases. Certain designs now omit the cartridge: the device is a one-piece item like the portable vaporizers listed above. These are less likely to create combustion and they open up more space for larger refills of finely ground herbs.

Electronic or Non-Electronic

Most of the handheld devices indicated above rely on power from a rechargeable battery. This battery is the bottom half of a device or can be removed and recharged separately. A few products draw energy from a butane tank. If the battery is replaceable then the entire device will last for some years. If the battery is built-in, the vaporizer dies when the battery’s life comes to an end.

Electronic Cigarettes

Nicotine can be derived from multiple sources, the most common one being tobacco. Yet, consumers do not have to vaporize the leaf itself to consume nicotine. They can, instead, create nicotine liquid which becomes an ingredient in e liquid. Most e liquid is made from a blend of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring.

Like most portable or pen vapes, e cigarettes rely on battery power to heat an element (the coil) which directly heats liquid until it becomes vapor. Because nicotine is an added ingredient, vapers do not have to inhale nicotine at all. This is the most flexible electronic nicotine delivery system.

A system of this kind replaces the other addictive component of smoking: the movement and inhalation which many individuals find soothing. Consumers now also enjoy the benefits of inhaling sweet flavors.

Progressive Passion

First you are introduced to cigalikes which resemble cigarettes but use very small batteries. The next type of e cig is an eGo with a larger battery and clearomizer or cartomizer (atomized cartridge or tank) and dimensions similar to those of a cigar. As they become more complicated, designers add variable voltage settings and LED screens. Eventually, vapers might turn to mechanical mods which, though battery powered, are unregulated.

Again, though, nicotine is not always the most important thing here. Just being able to replicate the physical elements of a habit is enough for many ex-smokers.

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